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My introduction to Spirit of Texas Arabians and Hank and Selena Copeland was a chance encounter 5 years ago when I went, at the insistence of a friend, to see a horse that my friend told me I REALLY needed to see. I was not in the market for a horse but I would never pass up an opportunity to see some pretty Arabians! I was struck immediately by the unbelievably beautiful horses in the barn! As I walked down the barn aisle, each horse was more breathtaking than the next – they were all impeccably groomed and looked like they were ready to enter the show ring! As he introduced me to each horse, the mutual love and respect between man and horse was very evident.
I rode the horse, Seer, that I had gone to see that day, thinking of him as a jumping prospect for me; I had never heard of endurance racing. The horse was very forward and extremely athletic, but not trained at all as a jumper. Since I was not very well trained in jumping either, I called Hank the next morning to decline the purchase and thank him for his time. Hank told me that he felt Seer was a really good match for me and that I should consider endurance. By the time the conversation ended I was scheduled to return to the barn the next day and go "out on trail!" After posting for 4 miles at the trot, I was hooked! I resolved to lease the horse for a few months and see how it went.
I leased Seer for 6 months before purchasing him and have never been happier! We have both remained at Spirit of Texas Arabians. Seer could not be a more perfect horse for me!! Over the past 5 years, Hank and Selena have taught me, led me, pushed me and encouraged me to achieve a stronger bond with my horse than I had ever known was possible. Under their methodical, careful, patient (well, usually!) tutelage we are now a "well-oiled," well-conditioned machine! Seer and I are running up front (and frequently winning 1st place and BC!) in Limited Distance Competitions. We are having a ball!!!
After years now of observing, learning from and traveling with Hank and Selena, I know them to be exemplary horse people. They are supremely knowledgeable, conscientious, generous, honest and fair with everyone they meet. They are highly respected in the Endurance community. I have seen them refuse to sell horses to perfectly willing buyers because they knew that it was not a good "fit" either for the horse or the buyer or both. They simply will not allow a "wrong" purchase.
Hank and Selena care for every horse in their barn as though it was their child. The utmost care and attention is given to the safety and welfare of both the horses and the riders. At Spirit of Texas Arabians, I have found not only my fabulous horse – I have found my passion and my second family! Everyone connected to this barn has been welcoming, helpful and friendly to one and all! We work hard. We play hard. We laugh hard. Ohhhhh, do we laugh!!!! Thanks, Hank and Selena, for all that you have taught me, for your friendship and for so many wonderful memories!!!

In 1980, my first horse my father had given me produced my Half-Arabian dream horse.  An unbelievable bond was created and she spend the next 13 years making sure I stayed on, was safe and looked good in both the ring and on the trail.    In 1997 I tragically lost my "dream" horse to Cushing disease.  After that I lost my confidence as a result of riding horses that were not a match to my quiet style of riding. I had given up any hopes of finding what I had lost until one day I accidentally came across the Spirit of Texas web site.  I read the home page, and then I read it again and was enlightened to see that Hank and Selena shared the same philosophy I did about horses and riding.  When I read the description of Propane I knew right then that this was the horse I had been searching for.  In order for this to be a successful purchase, a rider has to be honest about their skills and weakness so the seller can match the rider with the horse.  This is exactly what happened.  I had a "lot"of questions and I couldn't wait to phone and talk to Hank when I thought up another one.  Hank and Selena answered every question in detail, i.e. what has the horse been exposed to, what was his reaction.      Selena also provided enough detail about this horse's training on a DVD, and I tried to provide enough information to Selena, so both of us could assess whether or not this would be a good match without me being able to ride him before I purchased him.    Being a rider who had lost confidence, it was hard to get over the "what if" scenarios.  Selena was very patient; ensuring me that she was sure Propane would be fine.   The purchase was made and Propane was transported from Texas to British Columbia in 3 days via Denver-Billings-Ellensburg, then Vancouver with ease.  Selena provided a list of instructions, feeding program and tips on how to ride him in endurance.   Propane is everything I ever wanted and way, way more.  Every single thing Selena said he would be okay with - he is.  Riding is becoming fun again, my fear of bridges, dogs, and loud noises is going away and my form in the ring is getting back to where it used to be.  Instead of making excuses of why I can't ride that day, I am making excuses of why I have to ride today.  

Lynn Devries
Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada

When I found Hank and Selena I'd been learning to ride for about a year. I had been to two different barns and was frankly getting bored of riding around the arena, trying to force my heels down and hold my body in the perfect riding position while remaining relaxed!! I felt I was becoming a riding machine and not a horsewoman. I started taking lessons and riding with Hank and Selena on the trail about 6 months ago and have learned a hundred times more in that time than I did that first year. I have basic dressage lessons with Selena so both my horse and I learn to carry ourselves correctly and both Hank and Selena have coached me on the trail in training and competitive endurance rides. They have taught me that being with horses isn't just about having your heels down and back straight, but about trying to understand and communicate with them. It is about knowing whether they are happy and enjoying themselves or finding something difficult or don't really want to work today, thank you. And they are teaching me and helping me to care for my horse as he needs to be cared for.
Hank and Selena care passionately about horses and treat all the horses in their barn as if they were their own. It is infectious. Every horse and rider I have seen in their barn and on the trail with them, is happy. I know my horse is happy and I am happy and every time we ride, we both have fun. I couldn't ask for more from a riding instructor.

Elizabeth Maynard
Denton, TX

I became hooked on Arabians with my first Arabian mare when I was 14 yrs old. I won't say how many years I went without a horse, but when we first went to Spirit of Texas Arabians just to look , we knew we had come to the right place. They found each horse-loving member of our family the perfect Arabian , beautiful horses, with good bloodlines and great personalities. In fact, we liked it so much we still have our horses at Hank and Selena's. I always know that the horse I love so much is well cared for and happy. Riding every weekend has become our great escape and best family time together.

Debby Ackerman
Dallas, TX

After being sold a horse that was totally unsuitable for me last year, I heard of Hank and Selena Copeland of Spirit of Texas Arabians, from trail-riding friends who recommended them. Hank specializes in finding the right match of horse to rider and is very kind and patient with the horses he trains. Hank and Selena were soon both busy trying to find a suitable horse for me to go out trail riding.
One day Hank told me he had found an Arabian that might suit me. I was a little bit doubtful, the horse in question was 15h 2" ( I am only 5' 2") Luckily, Hank arranged a 30 day trial period on this gelding, Serenity Shahr and just like his name, his wonderful calm nature totally won me over, he is certainly a good Ambassador for the breed. I hope to have many years of fun
trail-riding with him.

Lorraine Shaw
Dallas, TX


When Cindy Fineran brought her gorgeous 3 yr old Crabbet stallion, Efron to our barn to be placed under saddle, she wasn't too sure how long it would be before she was completely comfortable riding him on her own. But, after 6 weeks of training, she was ready to ride. Hank and Cindy spent many hours riding their 2 stallions on the trail together before Cindy and Efron headed home with 90 days of professional training and a lot of new confidence in each other.

Hank Copeland on Envoy and Cindy Fineran on Efron


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