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Meet the Horses
Sired by Envoy BBF++

From birth to mature Champions, Envoy get have proven to be beautiful, athletic, personable, intelligent, easy to train and very competitive. If you ever have the pleasure of having your own Envoy foal, you will really enjoy the affectionate, people oriented personality. Everyone will admire the beautiful head and neck, correct confirmation, great legs and hooves, and the powerful hindquarters and athleticism that will be evident in your new foal from the very beginning.

Everyone that has bred and raised an Envoy foal can’t stop talking about their confidence, intelligence and how easy they are to train, whether they are following their owner into the trailer for the first time, having their first bath or trying out their first set of tack. Elizabeth Maynard put her 15.2 hand Anglo-Arab Envoy son under saddle herself when he turned 3 yrs old. Elizabeth is only 5’2” and had never trained a horse before, but it went great! She even taught him to enjoy wading belly deep into a pond. She is very excited about Airspeed Envoy’s future career in eventing (dressage & jumping) and endurance. Below are yearling to 3 yr old photos of Envoy get:

But the best part of all is entering your first few competitions under saddle with a horse
You have raised to become your true partner and discovering you have a real competitor!

HSC Encore wins Novice Sweepstakes Champion at NATRC Region 4 Benefit Ride, Sept 2011 after being under saddle for only 5 months.

HSC Phoenix, owned & ridden by FEI Rider Cindy Mettes, in only 3 NATRC rides, wins AHA Region 9 Competitive Trail Championship & places 4 th at AHA National Competitive Trail Championship. In endurance she has completed FEI 75 mile rides at the Goethe Challenge in Florida and the Biltmore Challenge. In her first 100 at age 8 she finished the entire distance, but pulled lame at the very end so she unfortunately didn't get credit for it.

HSC Strike Force places 11 th out of 59 horses in his first AERC LD. Now competing in 50-mile endurance rides.

Spirit of Texas Arabians
Hank and Selena Copeland
2219 C R 2690, Alvord, TX 76225

Phone: Hank 972-571-0610, Selena 214-793-0311
Email: spirittxarabians@aol.com