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Do you have an Arabian or Arabian cross that is ready to move to his or her next home? Possibly a horse that you have raised, outgrown, is just not a good fit for you or that you simply don’t have time for anymore? Is your horse in the Dallas Ft. Worth Metroplex or within an hour’s drive of our training facility in ? We can help you find a good home for your horse. If you do not live within an hour drive of us, we can still help you sell your horse if the horse comes to our barn for training or if you ride endurance in the Central Region.

We believe that there is a perfect owner for every horse and a perfect horse for every owner. No horse is absolutely perfect (if they were it would not be a horse that most of us could afford), but a flaw or fault to one person, may not be a problem or could even be an asset to someone else. With that in mind, the more honestly and accurately we can describe your horse, the more likely it is that he or she will appeal to someone looking for a horse just like yours.

Before we market a horse or list it on our website, we have to meet the horse. Your horse will be measured, evaluated for level of training, disposition, and suitability for various types of riding. We will also verify your horse’s complete show, race, and endurance records and the records of his sire and dam through our Arab Data Source membership.

For $85, your horse will be listed on our website with his or her own sales page with description, bloodlines, multiple photos and professional video clips, indefinitely until sold. Our website is routinely viewed by many people across the United States and abroad. Although we much prefer that people thoroughly try out their prospective horse, we have sold horses sight unseen to new owners as far away as Washington, California, and Canada that have been very pleased with their purchases. For additional exposure, we have the ability to list your horse in over 100 on-line horse classifieds that will direct potential buyers to our web site. Buyers also have the ease of purchasing your horse with a Visa or MasterCard through Pay Pal. You will have a professional trainer to show your horse to buyers, respond to e-mails, phone calls and handle the negotiations including turning down buyers that don’t meet your standards. All potential buyers are required to wear helmets and sign a liability waiver before riding your horse and sign a Sales Contract before purchase. Our flat $500 commission will be included in the list price. We do not charge the normal percentage commission so that we can alleviate any buyer fears that a broker might try to direct them to a higher priced horse. Our marketing contract does require that your horse be listed exclusively through us.

If you think you would like to list your horse with us, please contact us at info@spirittxarabians.com or give us a call at Phone: Hank 972-571-0610, Selena 214-793-0311 .


October 14, 2004

Mr. & Mrs. Hank Copeland

Spirit of Texas Arabians

2219 C R 2690, Alvord, TX 76225

Princeton, TX 75407

Dear Mr. & Mrs. Copeland,

I want to take a moment and just simply say thank you for all of your incredible help. Your professional assistance was appreciated more than you know in selling our granddaughter’s Arabian named Mi Terrific “Fred”. Who would have thought that before you had hardly started making the marketing video of “Fred” you had already called on a prospective buyer. Your warm professional ability to bring together a seller with a fine example of an Arabian bred horse, and a buyer that instantly admired this well trained horse spelled “perfect match”.

Thank you, Hank; you are a great attribute to the Arabian breed.


Ken Solomon

Spirit of Texas Arabians
Hank and Selena Copeland
2219 C R 2690, Alvord, TX 76225
Phone: Hank 972-571-0610, Selena 214-793-0311